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Rally & Heelwork to Music

The Working Section runs Rally Training Days with trainers chosen for their understanding approach to the training of Shelties. We also run a Rally League where the members can submit their wins and places throughout the year and the first six highest points in each Level get a rosette.

Don't forget, if you are an ESSC Member who subscribes to "Sheltie at Work", you can claim for our Rally Awards for the Sheltie gaining the most points in each Rally Level over the year.  Please still put in a claim form even if you have not been placed much. Just go to the AGM page for the forms.

Rally Training Day

The next Rally training day is to be held on Saturday 9th November 2019.

Venue: Grazeley Village Hall, Reading, Berkshire RG7 1LD

Trainer: Sue Garner

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'Sheltie at Work' Rally & HTM Leagues

The 'Sheltie at Work' Rally & HTM Leagues are open to all subscribers to the 'Sheltie at Work' magazine.

'Sheltie at Work' Rally League results

'Sheltie at Work' HTM League results

Previous years' results can be found in the Archives page.